Thank you for your support and for making this Abuela's dream come true.

Hola! I'm Paty (short for Patricia, my middle name),

I come from a legacy of strong and wise women and was blessed to spend precious time with both of my amazing Grandmothers, who always gave me the best examples, advice and tons of love.

Now that I'm a Grandmother, I would love to pass this valuable information on to my future generations as well as to you!

  1. Always Do Good, deep down inside we all know what is good and what is not.
  2. Be Grateful, this will bring positive results to your life. Positive Attitude = Positive Results!
  3. Respect, this is one of the secrets of happiness. Respect yourself, nature, animals and others.
  4. Real Wealth is your Health, Freedom and Time. Enjoy and handle them with care.
  5. Manos Que Dan, Manos Que Reciben. You get more satisfaction when you give, than when you receive. Be generous, especially with the vulnerable.
  6. It is not good to complain, instead find solutions.
  7. If something is not working, perhaps it is not meant to be. Believe in your heart something better is approaching.
  8. Must Have's: Confidence, Courage (I believe fear is the enemy of success) A Positive Mind, Common Sense and Faith. Remember if you believe in what you a working towards, you will achieve your dreams.
  9. It is great to be liked, but much better to be valued.
  10. Nurture your child's dream.
  11. When talking to yourself, make sure you include the following: You are Amazing, Kind, Respectful and Valuable.

Celebrate yourself and others with all-natural soaps, candles and gifts made with love from Abuela Paty :)

Thank you for your support and for making this Abuela's dream come true.

This is a beautiful life, enjoy!

Love, Paty